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Since 1947, Arotubi (since 2014 included in Grupporeco) is a leading manufacturer of precision extruded aluminum tubes.

Starting from first quality material, purchased from the main international primary aluminum producers, we produce high precision and quality extruded and drawn products. An entrepreneurial philosophy based on total quality: this is what moves the entire group towards constant improvement, through also strong investments to optimize production efficiency but also a “lean” approach to production flows and business processes.

We provide an in-depth knowledge of the end customers’ uses, so as to combine the processes and the products to the final user, offering a complete service before and after sales


Arotubi technology and the high flexibility of the systems allow to obtain a wide range of semi-finished aluminum products, even if the company identifies some specialties as its “core business”, so as to offer in this sense the utmost dedication to its more loyal customers.

The pipes produced are characterized by different factors (shape and dimensions, tolerances, raw material, temper, mechanical, physical and technological characteristics) necessary to obtain a semi-finished product suitable for subsequent processing and final applications.

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Arotubi, as the other Grupporeco's companies, is certified ISO 9000: quality level is crossing the range off products. Tailored solutions, off course variable, are linked to customers request, based on different materials, colours, accessories and flexibility.

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